Our Leadership

Manager & Owner

Elvis Simpson

The proud owner of Piggott Logistics, is a distinguished logistics professional with a remarkable career spanning over three decades. A highly accomplished graduate in the field, his extensive knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the success of our company. Elvis's three decades of experience serve as a testament to his commitment and unwavering dedication to the logistics industry. With a proven track record of excellence, he continues to lead our team in delivering top-tier logistics solutions, consistently exceeding our clients' expectations. His visionary leadership and profound industry insights drive the innovation and reliability that define Piggott Logistics as a trusted name in the world of logistics.

Our Leadership

Consultant & Logistic Coordinator

Elvis Piggott

"If you need to be heard, then Elvis is the word!
A respected local community leader with over 12 years of business experience, complements the team with his strong local connections and an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of the communities we serve. His leadership and active involvement in community affairs are instnimental in our local and regional expansion. Elvis Piggott's expertise in community engagement and relationships positions the company as a trusted partner within the local and regional market.

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About Us

Quick Transport and Logistics Solutions

Piggott Logistic Solutions is a distinguished logistics company specializing in comprehensive supply chain solutions that seamlessly connect businesses to their customers across the entire United States. With a deep commitment to efficiency and reliability, we have a strong presence nationwide and a special focus on the great state of Texas. Our extensive network, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated team ensure that your shipments, whether they span the entire USA or find their destination within the Lone Star State, reach their endpoint on time and with utmost care.

National Coverage

We provide logistic solutions to & from all states.

On Time Delivery

Our deliveries are reliable and always on time.

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#1 Place To Manage All Of Your Shipments

Our commitment to exceeding expectations, ensuring hassle-free deliveries, and solving complex logistics challenges has earned us the admiration and affection of our customers. We're not just a logistics company; we're a team that's deeply invested in your success and dedicated to earning the love and trust of every client we serve.

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Our Services

Logistics Services

Transportation Solutions

We offer a range of transportation services, including local and regional delivery, freight forwarding, and dedicated transport solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

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Warehousing & Inventory Management

Our warehousing services provide secure and efficient storage solutions, complemented by inventory management to optimize supply chain operations.

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Last Mile Delivery

Piggott Logistics Services excels in last-mile delivery, ensuring that products reach their final destinations on time, and enhancing the customer experience for e-commerce and local businesses.

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Supply Chain Management

We provide end-to-end supply chain management services, optimizing the flow of goods from manufacturer to consumer, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency.

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Our Services

Notary Services Services

General Notary Service

We offer general notary services to individuals and businesses, ensuring that a wide range of legal documents are properly notarized for compliance and legality.

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Loan Document Notarization

Our specialized notary services include the notarization of loan documents, and facilitating smooth real estate transactions, and financial agreements.

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Mobile Notary Services

For the convenience of our clients, we provide mobile notary services, bringing our expertise directly to their location.

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Our Services

Catastrophic Adjuster Services

Catastrophic Claims Management

We specialize in helping insurance companies and clients navigate complex claims processes related to catastrophic events such as natural disasters, fires, and accidents.

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Documenting and Assessing Damage

Our team of professionals excels in documenting and assessing damage in catastrophic situations, ensuring accurate and efficient claims management.

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Our service offerings are underpinned by our commitment to excellence, reliability, and innovation. Piggott Logistics Services is dedicated to tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of our clients, providing cost-effective solutions that enhance their operations and improve their overall customer satisfaction.

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